Thursday, June 08, 2006

journey to solomon's porch

I'm hanging out at the Summer Institue at Solomon's Porch this week. So far it has been an awesome experience. Almost as amazing as how I got here.

A couple of weeks ago a friend at church sent me a link to the summer institute - "wouldn't it be cool if you could go?" Of course, but what about childcare & plane tickets & the guilt of leaving the family for a week...

So sometime in a conversation with my mom, I mentioned the conference as a passing dream. We have ties in Minneapolis, my aunt, uncle & cousin live there. My grandma happened to be recovering from surgery there.

Next thing I know my dad writes to say he'd be happy to come to VA and help watch the boy, so I can go (this is no small thing, it involves a plane trip from TX). One barrier down.

I checked and had some frequent flyer miles I could use. Another barrier down.

Ah, but the guilt hung on until I arrived. This is surely too much effort for little 'ol me. But I'm finding it's not too much and it's not just about me.

- I'm getting some amazing growth out of it and feeling closer to God
- My dad is getting some quality time with the boy and they are bonding
- I get to hang out with my 91 year old grandma, who is still sharp as a tack and vibrant
- I get to connect with aunts & uncles & cousins again

... and it's all priceless.

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