Monday, April 09, 2007

music that doesn't suck - part I

This post was inspired by flagrantdisregard's 50 songs for kids AND their parents (or 50 songs for kids that aren’t utter crap). We're always looking for music to listen to with the boy. Between the music Tom & I listen to, the boy has inherited some pretty eclectic tastes, here's a sampling of some of his favorites:
Ants Marching by DMB
Channel Z by the B52's
Help by the Beatles
Hot by Smashmouth
Peaches by President's of the United States of America
Shark Attack by Split Endz
Soun tha mi Primor Amor by Kinky
The City by Los Lobos
The Tale of Mr. Morton by Skee Lo
Underground by Tom Waits
other music that doesn't suck
- the boy practicing piano & the original music he creates
- the boy and Tom working on songs together (got to get a recording of it)
- we've been fans of 91.9 since moving to C-ville, I mean who can argue with commercial-free radio that plays such a wide variety of musical styles
- we're also now fans of 106.1, love the music, love the my corner playlists (mine was played a few weeks ago), love that they actually identify title & artist for every song they play, hope the commercials don't get too annoying (wasn't pleased with the tequila commercial)
- I like using to "discover" bands I've never heard of before, but apparently internet radio is in jeopardy because of new royalty rules (that would suck)
- I've tried listening to spiritfm, because I must admit that I do like a good praise song, but I just can't handle the lack of diversity. I like the Christian music created by Ken Hymes, find some recordings here
- Praise Night at Peace, it's an open mic format that's fun for the whole family, they even got me up singing and I can't carry a tune (okay, that probably did suck ;)

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Anonymous said...

Tom Chapin songs are really fun too.