Sunday, September 17, 2006

top 10 reasons for not blogging

Ouch! I can't believe it's been over a month since I blogged here. I think I read somewhere that a blogger shouldn't give their excuses for not blogging, but I must. Because if I don't and I actually go back and read some of this crap, I'll wonder, gee why did I take that long break. What earth shattering events were going on in my life? or Did I finally realize it was tripe?

10. I realized my thought processes were probably flawed and sharing them with the world bordered on lunacy.
9. I then discovered that didn't matter because I am addicted to blogging and tried to find a suitable treatment program.
8. The family vacation to Hawaii seemed like just the ticket, but the effects are starting to wear off.
7. Then I had to deal with the start of a new school year, which went something like this - "I know you've been living a swimsuit for the past few weeks and according to all your relatives you've grown several inches over the summer, so is there any chance you have some regular clothes that will fit you for school? I better go check the fridge to see if there's anything we can pack in your lunchbox today?"
6. I thought I should catch up on some housework.
5. Yeah right, instead I'll play around with the blogger beta (I like it so much better, but I can't lose all this, can I?).
4. Oh yeah, I should probably spend some time working on the websites I actually get paid for and maybe bill some clients and pay bills (I don't know why my hubby worries about this so much).
3. Hmm, some quality family time would be nice, how about camping and geocaching?
2. I think my audience of 1 (hi Mom) has probably heard enough out of me for a while.
1. Ack! I've got blogger's block with no worthwhile topics or issues to share. Heck, I didn't even have a stupid thought to share. It was a very scary time.

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