Tuesday, September 13, 2005

nothing worthwhile?

behind your eyes, you hide a thousand sighs
behind your pretty smile
there’s nothing worthwhile that makes you happy
there’s nothing worthwhile, fills you completely
there’s nothing worthwhile that touches deeply
there’s nothing worthwhile that brings you peace

Nothing Worthwhile (Rachel Fuller)

I find I am constantly asking myself, how in the world did I get caught up in this Christianity thing again. As a religion, it still has so many problems: gender discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, intolerance, extremism, hypocrisy, and the list goes on. Have I been somehow brainwashed by my parents, by my pastors, by my church community, by my addiction to reading emerging church blogs?

When I listen to the song Nothing Worthwhile by Rachel Fuller, I keep coming back to Christianity (being a follower of Christ), as my spiritual path, being worthwhile and that the truly worthwhile things in my life all require work and sacrifice (and thus the occassional need to re-justify them to myself):

  • being a spouse is worthwhile

  • being a mother is worthwhile

  • being a follower of the example Jesus set is worthwhile

While juggling these things can sometimes make me feel sad, unfulfilled, lonely and in turmoil, because they are worthwhile they also bring me happiness, fulfillment, connection and peace.

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