Saturday, April 12, 2008

Albemarle County Board NOT addressing the affordable housing crisis

Per this article, I gave my feedback to the BOS. Please send yours.

Albemarle County Board of Supervisors,
I am very disappointed that the Board of Supervisors did not budget $500K for affordable housing for those earning less than $20K. As the affordable housing crisis continues to worsen in the area as seen in the latest homeless census from TJACH and the worsening economy, the lack of solutions from Albemarle County to address the problem for it's most disadvantaged citizens is distressing.

The keynote speaker, Dr. Charles Marsh, at PACEM's volunteer recognition event last night reminded me why we struggle with these issues. I think we all want to be part of a healthy, reconciled, authentic community. This is something Martin Luther King named the beloved community, one with the type of spirit and type of love "that can transform opposers into friends".

Becoming and being a beloved community is challenging. It seems the closer we get, the harder the issues that can get in the way become. I think Thomas Merton's quote really nails it; "We do not have the answers to every social problem, and all conflicts have not been decided beforehand in favor of our side. Our job is to struggle along with everybody else and collaborate with them in the difficult, frustrating task of seeking a solution to common problems, which are entirely new and strange to us all."

So I want to continue the struggle to seek solutions to the affordable housing crisis with your help. My prayer is that you too want to collaborate on solutions to affordable housing, laying a strong foundation for our beloved Charlottesville/Albemarle community.

Peace be with you,
Kim Wilkens

note to readers:
I do want to point out that David Slutzky appears to the be lone voice advocating for affordable housing on the board and I truly appreciate his commitment to this issue.

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