Thursday, May 17, 2007

some days hope dies

Today it died for me after listening to a story on BBC News - woman tells of Congo murders. This is an extremely disturbing story of torture, murder & rape. It's not some twisted fictional story, it's so much worse.

I'm a big fan of the sci-fi series Serenity. In this series there were a group of characters called Reavers. They were depraved beyond belief and anytime they came up in an episode I'd have to fast forward or leave the room.
Reavers ain't men. Or they forgot how to be. They're just nothing. They got out to the edge of the galaxy, to that place of nothing, and that's what they became.

Is that what we're becoming? Are we forgetting how to be human, lost at the edge of nothingness? God, please grant me a measure of hope again.

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