Thursday, January 25, 2007

middle-aged activist

When I pictured my career path in college and especially during my days at IBM, it didn't include many of the things I've become: mother, volunteer and writer. Over the last year another unlikely role has become part of me; I have become an activist.

It provides the same level of income my family has come to expect and my previous experience has prepared me for:
There are some jobs people do just for the money. Then there are jobs people do purely for love. Being an activist is one of the latter. - Career Cruising

and of course, there's always the job security:
In the end, the activist’s job is done if more people become aware of the activist’s cause. There are always more people to convince, so the job is never done. - Career Cruising

My cause is affordable housing and my activity is part of a non-profit, faith-based, grass-roots organization called IMPACT. Many updates and some site redesign will be coming to promote awareness.

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