Monday, July 10, 2006

the hidden power of electronic culture

Yet another book filled with many AH HA! moments. If you have anything to do with media or technology at your church, you need to read this.

Shane Hipps skillfully identifies and describes basic media inventions that have had enormous impacts upon Western civilization. So all consuming are the resulting cultural shifts that we often no longer recognize their birth was caused, in part, by technology we now take for granted. That is the hidden power behind the electronic culture that Shane wants to unveil for us.

Once we begin to grasp the concept that the medium is the message, we begin to understand that we should not reduce the use of media and technology as just a tool “useful for dispensing the gospel (pg. 38)… As we will see, these media forms have a profound effect on our faith – an effect that goes far beyond their content (pg. 39).”

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